Calculate Airport Distance


Distance and Radius Programming APIs

ZIP Code Distance and Radius API - Calculate the distance or radius between two USA ZIP codes or Canadian postal codes. In their simplest form the Assistants (both Distance & Radius) are simply trig formulas. Depending on what software environment you're

Driving Directions & Distance Calculator of Utrecht

This tool is used to calculate the Distance and Driving Directions between any two cities, airports, places villages, towns or airports in Utrecht city of Netherlands. Simply enter 2 places and search. Refine the search with the results and get distance,


Walk Distance  v.

Using the GPS the application will track where you go and calculate the distance from start to

Spheresoft Zip Code Tools for Excel  v.2009.09

You can now calculate the distance between addresses stored in Microsoft Excel.

BLM - Shipping  v.1 1

BLM-Shipping is free shipping software which helps you calculate port distance, design routes, plan voyage, manage voyage, track vessels, and communicate with colleague or business partners. 1.

WGS-84 Calculator  v.

WGS-84 Calculator is used to calculate geodetic distance and azimuth between two points (latitude and longitude). In addition, it can calculate a new point from origin using the given azimuth and distance.

CAD OCX  v.1.0

An ActiveX Control doing wonderful things in AutoCAD like drawing lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, 3D Spheres, 3D Cones, etc. with ease! Also, calculate the distance of a line, calculate the mid point of a line, calculate the mid point of an arc,

MiernikOdleglosci  v.

This application allows you to calculate the distance in km between the two sites chosen by

Race Pace  v.

Simple to use, and lightning quick. Calculate time, distance or pace for swimming biking and running. Version history: Swim conversions, theming, and new buttons! This release includes the following changes: - Click the labels next to

Converters  v.

this application targets the users that need to calculate from distance to another, for example for those who work with inches and feet and are in a country that works with meter, Miles2Kms  v.1.01

Miles2Kms is a distance converter that can calculate the distance based on a different scale.

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